We use state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence , Machine learning, Bigdata analytics and NSDT to make smarter intelligent and affordable solutions.
Data Analytics
We solve business problems finding the best predictive model for your data, thus embedding the practices of the most advanced data scientists in the world. The work that takes weeks can now happen in one evening. We offer solutions under ECommerce, Gaming/ Digital Entertainment, Fintech, Legaltech, Telecom and Ad-Tech.
FindMind gives all its client businesses’ employees access to any data they need with the help of a suite of trackers and full read/write API access. We offer solutions for Financial Account Aggregation, Stock Market Analytics, OCR and even Image Masking.
Two-factor Authentication using sound
We offer a new method of two-factor authentication to consumers who see an additional level of security as a chore. Using ambient sound as a two-factor authentication system. When the system confirms that the two devices are in close proximity – because they are both hearing the same sounds – it will log you in.
Machine Learning
Offering artificial intelligence solutions, we help startups and SMEs in automating processes and use the best from machine learning tools. Our quality services help business profit to skyrocket and give clients utmost satisfaction.
We are offering
Awesome Customer Service
Providing good quality customer experience and support is as important and pivotal as providing top grade product or service to our consumers. Our target is to assist businesses in achieving growth, transformation, and fulfilling their business requirements with the utmost satisfaction. Android App development, APIaaS, Machine learning services, data analytics services, data scraping, video & image processing, object detection, natural language processing and the like are our services.


Not just your mainstream expense manager, Finlit is a complete personal finance manager which brings all your expenses, investments, debts at your fingertips to track.Features like Finfit Score gives you an idea of your financial fitness, Finsim to simulate a financial decision to avoid a gut based potential bad decision just make the app more complete. The product is under final development stages and we expect to launch it soon on the Android Play Store.


Lawyers, to this day face the problem of organizing briefs, judgements, acts and what not. Legality not only organizes them better but also allows user to search blazingly fast through their own content as well as the web.Indexing more than 10 lakh cases, hundreds of acts and custom intent-based search and a intelligent recommendation system with a simple but elegant interface, legalMind is the one-stop solution. After all even lawyers needed a change. The product is under rapid development currently.


Our aim is to create an alternative dataset for better credit scoring that involves spent patterns from various ecommerce platforms through Emails, analyzing the social and professional data from Facebook and Linkedin and taking out transactional information from the mobile SMSes.


Sound based authentication Gone are the days of receiving those annoying text messages containing OTPs and manually entering them just to think that an extra layer of security protects you from frauds. NSDT or Near Sound Data Transfer makes the whole process hassle free plus more secure than you can "hear". The product is still under prototyping.
  1. Incubated in VIT-TBI incubator, at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.
  2. Qualified for DigitalOcean Cloud startup grant, awarded 500 USD in cloud credits.
  3. Winners of Annual fintech challenge by Fullerton India Credit Company, awarded a cash prize of INR 15,00,000.
  4. Registered with Startup India, an initiative of the Government of India.
  5. Qualified for IBM catalyst programme, awarded 120,000 USD in cloud credits.
  6. Winners of Annual fintech challenge by Fullerton India Credit Company, awarded a cash prize of INR 7,00,000.
  7. Qualified for Excubator, a start-up incubator and an innovation advisor to global enterprises, awarded 5000 USD from Amazon Web Services in cloud credits.